Friday, August 15, 2008

A Bio, An Artist's Statement, Good News and a Reminder

Hello everyone! I finally figured out how to use the blog. I really love having this tool to keep up with everyone. I wanted to let you all in on a bit of good news for me...I have been promoted to the postion of Associate Director at Young Playwrights' Theater in Washingotn, DC! Here is my Artist Statement and Bio:

Patrick Torres
Patrick is a director and educator working in Washington, D.C. He is the Associate Director of Young Playwrights’ Theater and his local directing credits include Anima (Mead Theatre Lab); Soft Cover Hard Core (John F. Kennedy Center); Much Ado about Nothing (Vpstart Crow); and The Tale of Jumping Mouse (Round House Theatre). He was awarded a Drama League Directing Fellowship in 2003 and was selected as an SSDC Foundation Observer to assist in rehearsals of The Glass Menagerie at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Patrick has an MFA in Directing from University of Southern Mississippi.

Theatre Statement

I create and promote theatre that directly addresses specific communities by building a forum where people come to be challenged, inspired and enter into a conversation with their neighbors. I believe this requires a deep personal investment to discover the theatrical experiences (be they traditional plays, innovative new works or bold explorations of theatrical form) that will make the theatre vital to the lives of those it serves. I am driven by the ways that a diversity of voices contributing to the art of theatre can awaken understanding in a community.

Also, I found this on line and I have been watching it to remind myself that all of the rigorous preparation I have been doing to guide the creation of over 500 new student plays this semester can have a strong impact on the world. I hope you find it re-inspiring as well!


  1. Hey Patrick,
    Congratulations on your promotion!
    And thanks for posting the TCG link. I did not know they had posted the video. What a great way to remember all we experienced at the conference.