Friday, July 18, 2008

Chi-wang Yang (Bio and Statement)

Here was my response to our TCG statement:

Chi-wang Yang is a Los Angeles-based theater director. Committed to physical performance and cross-disciplinary experimentation, his work combines stage, media, and technology. He is a founding member of video performance collective Cloud Eye Control. His work has been featured at REDCAT, Time-Based Arts Festival, SF International Film Festival, NY International Fringe Festival, the Edinburgh International Festival Fringe, and the Platform International Animation Festival. Last fall he co-directed film shoot in Cuba for an upcoming theatrical production titled The Closest Farthest Away/Entrañable Lejanía. Chi-wang received his MFA in Theater Directing and Integrated Media at the California Institute of the Arts. Other training includes the SITI Company with Anne Bogart, the Kitchen Summer Institute, and Brown University (BA). Chi-wang was the recipient of the 2006 Princess Grace Award for Theater Directing.

Describe the type of theater you would like to create and/or support and sustain.
I want to create a theater that, in the traditions of Cage and Fluxus, seeks to affirm it’s core essence while tempting total annihilation.
I want to create a theater that is a leader in cultural invention and innovation.
I want to create a theater that is local, national, and international.
I want to create a theater that is home to film, dance, music, visual art, science, and academics.
I want to create a theater that is diverse on the axes of race, aesthetic, form, and discourse.
I want to create a theater that champions a spirit of experimentation and fosters an excitation for unique encounters in it’s audience.
I want to create a theater that is passionate, abstract, and entertaining.

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