Monday, July 28, 2008

S.T. Shimi's bio & stuff

Yay! Here I am...

S.T. Shimi has been a member of Jump-Start Performance Co. (San Antonio, TX) since 1996 and is now serving as Artistic Director for Company Programming. She is a writer, dancer, dance instructor, choreographer and performer specializing in the creation of solo performance work. Her most recent works and collaborations include Southern Discomfort (2001), Something Else (2005), Watermark 1.5 (2006) and On The Island (2008), which toured in workshop form to the first National Asian-American Theatre Festival in New York, 2007. Shimi is the co-owner and an instructor/choreographer for Sirocco Dance Studio, a school for bellydance. Her movement skills include belly dance, contemporary, hip-hop and aerial/off-the-ground dance. Shimi is also a certified fitness dance instructor. As co-ordinator of W-I-P (Works-In Progress/Wednesdays-In-Performance), she programs and facilitates San Antonio's longest-running monthly lab for original movement-based work in collaboration with San Antonio Dance Umbrella. She is an artist-educator with over ten years of experience in socially conscious, multi-disciplinary community projects with youth and adults.
S.T. Shimi received a B.A. in Theater and Women's Studies from Dartmouth College and currently serves on the Executive Committee of Alternate ROOTS.

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  1. cool picture. I wish your myspace link was active so I could just click on it. Thanks for posting your info!!